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We use a highly advanced, efficient, and environment-friendly bed bug removal and pest control system in the industry. We guarantee fast and safe treatment for both residential and commercial properties.

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Bed bugs are very small pests that can get a lot done in a small amount of time. Adult bed bugs may not work as quickly as ants, but they are pretty close. Regardless, at Pete’s Pest Patrol we will take care of all of your pest control problems, whether it is a bed bug removal problem that needs to be handled, or fire ant removal. Bed bugs are quick to find a place to nest., which typically will be in the bedroom. They know that you will likely be in the bedroom, and they can get relatively lazy, which means they do not want to travel a long distance to feast on you. They typically will nest within the bed lining, or box spring of the mattress set. It can be difficult to identify bed bugs, and bed bug eggs, which is why it is imperative to call a reputable pest control company.

Bed Bug Removal Service In Athens GA

At Pete’s Pest Patrol, we understand how frustrating a bed bug invasion can be.  That’s why we develop personalized and effective bed bug treatment and pest control methods for your home or business. Our process includes a thorough inspection of your property, where we identify the location of the bed bugs. When our trained inspectors visit your home or workplace, expect that you will be asked a series of questions as part of our data gathering and confirm that bed bugs are indeed the issue. Then, we will take time to review the findings and develop the best treatment plan for your unique needs. A detailed bed bug extermination report will be provided to you, along with bed bug control tips to prevent future infestations. Our exclusive bed bug removal method involves a layered approach to make sure that we will rid your home of bed bugs for good. Additionally, we take extra steps to make sure you won’t happen to deal with these creepy crawlers ever again. Our FDA-approved bed bug treatment is proven effective and safe for the entire family and your pets.

Bed bugs do not spread disease to humans, but they bring discomfort. Besides, the itchy, red welts they leave on your skin can become infected from scratching. Pete’s Pest Patrol is dedicated to protecting your property from invasive pests that hinder your comfort and peace of mind. We also protect your budget by offering customized payment options and special deals. Please schedule your appointment with our experts and join our list of satisfied clients in Athens, GA, and the surrounding communities!

Athens Bed Bug Treatment Faqs

Looking for help with your bed bug questions? Pete’s Pest Patrol is your go-to bed bug removal company in Athens, GA. We’ve been in business for many years, and our technicians prioritize continuous education and training in the field. Read on to find answers to your frequently asked questions about bed bug treatments!

There are many ways bed bugs can enter your home. These pests are not limited to only one dwelling, so you can find them everywhere. It can enter your home when you purchase used items that came from properties infested with bed bugs.  They usually hide in the furniture and clothes which you brought to your home. If you rented an infested room or motel during your vacation, bed bugs could hitch a ride to your home through your luggage.

Bed bugs feed mainly on the blood of humans and pets, making them among the most dangerous pests you wouldn’t want in your home. They’re less dangerous than mosquitoes since they are not disease-carrying organisms. However, bed bug infestation will cause you to lose sleep, thus decreasing your immunity and making you sick. They can also decrease your property’s value.

Bed bugs are very intelligent, and they know how to hide from their victims. It’s hard to get rid of them with DIY solutions. If you doubt the presence of bed bugs on your property, we recommend you talk to a reputable pest control company to solve the issue once and for all. You will be provided with the best treatments based on the level of infestation.

We have a lot of experience with bed bug removal, and one of the main concerns of our clients is the price of our services. We provide standard pricing to all our pest control services. Our estimates will primarily depend on the size of your home and the level of infestation. We provide a detailed report of the case and explain the honest bid price, so you are aware of the cost of the service.

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Think you might have a bed bug problem? Many people tried bed bug removal solutions found on the internet only to find themselves spending too much on an ineffective treatment. For your peace of mind, you should try our state-of-the-art bed bug solutions at Pete’s Pest Patrol. We are a known bed bug removal company in Athens, GA, providing exceptional services to the local community in terms of pest control. Our comprehensive program includes pest inspection, professional treatment, and follow-up inspections to guarantee that we have completely got rid of your bed bug issues. Our licensed technicians are backed with experience and continuous training to ensure that we are always up to date with the latest bed bugs extermination methods. Schedule your appointment and discover why our unique strategies and dependable services will make us the last bed bug removal company you’ll ever need for your residential and commercial properties.

Why Choose Pete’s Pest Patrol For Bed Bug Removal Treatment?

At Pete’s Pest Patrol, we make it our goal to set the highest standard in the pest control industry. All our technicians and sales staff are certified, licensed, and passed the criminal background check, so rest assured that your property is safe with us. We use safe, effective, and eco-friendly pest control alternative solutions whenever possible. We use biological and mechanical pest control techniques to monitor and control pests in your home or workplace. Our mosquito removal and pest removal services cover a wide variety of situations for both residential and commercial properties. We take care of bed bugs that bite, termites, mosquitoes, and anything that creeps and crawls. Our specialty pest treatments are proven effective in bringing back your comfort and peace of mind. Whether you are positive about your bed bug issue or a bit unsure of what you’re dealing with; we can help! From inspection to customized bed bug treatments, you can always count on our professional bed bug removal technicians in Athens, GA.

If you’ve spotted live bed bugs in your home, don’t hesitate to call our experts at Pete’s Pest Patrol! Bed bugs can be brought back to your home in so many ways. We cannot guarantee that you will not see these pests ever again, but one thing’s for sure; we can help solve your issues for 30 days or more. Then we can return to your property to provide the needed re-treatments. We arrive in full uniform and work with tools that are up-to-date and professionally maintained. We employ long-term, well-trained professionals that guarantee results or come back and make it right. Please schedule your appointment with our experts today!

Affordable Bed Bug Treatment In Athens, GA

It is hard to spot insects, but you can often see their physical symptoms through small specks of blood on your linens or mattresses. When nymphs grow bigger, they shed their outer shells, so you’ll be able to see tiny brown droppings next to your bed. And let’s not forget the bed bug bites, of course! If you wake up to itchy, red welts, it’s time to call the pros!

We know how problematic it is to find bed bugs in your home and commercial space. Many home and business owners would rather throw their mattresses away, but that will not really solve the issue. Bed bugs can spread quickly to neighboring furniture, even behind picture frames, and they can’t be easily eliminated. Many go to the nearest DIY store for some do-it-yourself bed bug extermination project, but it doesn’t guarantee successful elimination of bed bugs. They usually end up calling the pros for remediation and expert solutions after complicating everything with their DIY tasks.

With this, the best thing that you can do is contact a bed bug removal company near you. If you are in Athens, GA, and you need a bed bug removal service, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Pete’s Pet Patrol. Our effective long-term pest control solutions can guarantee your peace of mind without breaking your bank. We make it our goal to give you the best value for your hard-earned money. Our Athens bed bug removal exterminators will always be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns regarding our products and services.

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