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Crawl Space Encapsulation Athens GA | Moisture Control

At Pete’s Pest Patrol, we don’t just treat pets. We also work above and beyond to identify and correct property situations that encourage their presence. And your crawl spaces are no exceptions. If you need professional crawl space moisture control service in Athens, GA, our licensed and experienced technicians are just one call away!

Crawl Space Pest Control Solutions

You have to have a strong foundation to maintain the integrity of your home or commercial property, or else things ca go terribly wrong really quickly. Keeping the crawl space dry and free of moisture can be imperative a great way to prevent pests from showing up at your door, or anywhere else they may want to nest. In fact, keeping the entire property free of standing water can help with preventing pests from invading your space. Your crawl space is an easy target for pests as it can get damp and moisture rich easily. The crawl space is also a hard-to-get-to space in the home, which can make it easy for homeowners to not even look to see if it is being invaded by pests or moisture. If you believe your crawl space has excess moisture issues, or has standing water, call Pete’s Pest Patrol today.


Crawl Space Encapsulation Athens GADo you know that 50% of your indoor air flows from the crawl space? If the crawl space is dirty and polluted, so does your home. Crawl space encapsulation is a popular solution to keep your crawl spaces in the best shape. You can compare it to adding a lining to avoid leaks in your swimming pool. We use a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier to cover your crawl space- from the floors to the foundation walls and ceilings. There are different reasons to schedule crawl space encapsulation in Athens, GA. This includes the risks of mold growth, pests and insect infestation, high heating and cooling costs, foundation cracks, radon gas, musty odors, and keeping moisture at the proper level. Dealing with all these things is complicated and expensive, so it’s better to schedule a crawl space encapsulation if you have the chance. Crawl space moisture control also works best with vapor barriers, insulations, and crawl space dehumidifiers.

Crawl space encapsulation starts with a critical assessment of your property’s vented crawl space. Then, we will clean the surfaces by removing old insulations, eliminating pests, fixing cracks, and resolving moisture issues in the area. We then spray foam insulation to cover cracks, holes, and gaps on external pipes and ducts. Once done, the application of a heavy-duty plastic vapor barrier starts. From the floor to the walls, we make sure that the sections are held together and secured to prevent gaps. Then, we recommend installing a crawl space dehumidifier to keep moisture levels at a consistent level all year-round. Our licensed pest control professionals have been dealing with crawl space issues for many years, and we are known to deliver exceptional service to our residential and commercial clients in Athens, GA. If you need a quote or further details about crawl space encapsulation, feel free to give us a call!

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier