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We are your dedicated partners in creating a pest-free haven for you, your loved ones, and your property. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and years of industry experience, we stand as your trusted pest control experts, ready to address all your pest-related concerns.

At Pete’s Pest Patrol, we understand that the presence of pests can disrupt your peace of mind and compromise the safety and hygiene of your living or working spaces. Our mission is to provide efficient and tailored pest management solutions that not only eliminate existing infestations but also prevent future invasions. We take pride in our holistic approach, considering both short-term relief and long-term protection.


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Discover our wide range of services that we offer at Pete’s Pest Patrol. We are licensed exterminators that are local and nearby, and provide bed bug removal, termite treatments, mosquito removal, pest inspections, crawl space moisture solutions, and so much more.

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The last thing you want is for pesky pests to make a home in your home. Termites may be small, but they can cause serious damage to the structure of your house if left unchecked. 

To ensure that termites are not causing damage to the structure of a home, regular inspections should be conducted and treatments applied as necessary.

It is important to use an effective termite control product that has been tested and proven to be effective against the particular species of termites in the area. This could include chemical termiticides, baiting systems, or physical barriers. Properly preparing any area that is to be treated will also help ensure its effectiveness

At Pete’s Pest Patrol, we use the latest termite treatment methods to ensure that your home is protected from these destructive pests.

Termite Control

Bed bugs can be difficult to detect and identify. Fortunately, Pete’s Pest Patrol offers specialized bed bug control services. Our experienced technicians are trained to accurately diagnose an infestation and follow the necessary steps to eradicate these pesky pests. 

We use a variety of techniques such as heat treatment, chemical treatments and vacuums to get rid of bed bugs quickly and effectively. Our team has a proven track record of success in eliminating bed bugs from homes and businesses.

Bed Bug Removal Exterminator Athens GA

Our goal is to keep your family and pets safe from mosquitoes and other pests. We use the latest in pest management technology to provide you with a comprehensive plan for keeping mosquitoes away from your property. 

At Pete’s Pest Patrol offers an integrated approach that combines chemical, biological and cultural control methods with monitoring programs to effectively target the mosquito populations on your property. We can help you keep your yard and home mosquito-free, so you can enjoy the outdoors without being bitten.

Mosquito Removal

It’s Time to Fight the Bite!

Mosquitoes belong to the same group as the true flies, Diptera. They have long, thin legs and a single pair of wings. Their bodies and wings are often covered with scales. The typical size of an adult mosquito ranges from 3-9 mm. Mosquitoes are among the typical pests that we are dealing with in our properties. But unlike other pests that only cause itch and redness, mosquitoes are more dangerous since they bring diseases to humans. For such reasons, it is essential to understand the different methods to treat mosquitoes. For best results, it’s always better to talk to a professional mosquito control company in Athens, GA, to provide proper treatment and bring back your peace of mind in and out of your residential and commercial properties.

Mosquito Removal

Standard pest control measures often fall short when dealing with more challenging or specific pest infestations. Our specialty pest control services at Pete’s Pest Patrol are designed to tackle such unique situations. By addressing the root causes of infestations, specialists help create an environment that discourages pests from reestablishing their presence.

Whether it’s a stubborn bed bug infestation, elusive rodents, aggressive termites, or other niche pest problems, our services are equipped with the expertise, tools, and techniques to effectively eliminate the issue.

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Crawl Space Moisture Control

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Pete’s Pest Patrol takes pride in providing crawl space moisture control services that use the latest technology to ensure your property is safe from water damage. Our experienced technicians are trained to inspect, diagnose, and repair any issues related to moisture problems in your crawl space. 

After inspection, our team can provide a tailored plan on how to protect and maintain the moisture levels of your crawl space. We use high-quality dehumidifiers and insulation to keep the moisture levels low and prevent any issues from reoccurring in the future.   We can help you keep your crawl space dry and free of pests.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality pest control services. We use only the safest and most effective pesticides, and we are fully licensed and insured. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable pest control company, then call Pete’s Pest Patrol today. We will help you get rid of pests and keep your home pest-free.

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At Pete’s Pest Patrol, we understand the frustration and inconvenience that pests can bring to your home or business. That’s why we offer top-notch pest control solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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No need to worry about pests anymore! We’ve got a team of skilled exterminators who are experts in dealing with all kinds of pesky critters. Whether it’s ants, roaches, rodents or termites, we’ve got the tools and know-how to handle any pest situation that comes our way. You can count on us to keep your space critter-free!

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Your safety is our utmost priority. Our approach to pest control is all about keeping it eco-friendly. We use products and methods that are safe for the environment, so you can get rid of those pesky critters without worrying about any harm to you, your loved ones, or your furry friends.

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We get it, life can be crazy busy sometimes. That’s why we’ve got your back with flexible scheduling options. Whether you need a quick fix or ongoing maintenance, we’ll make sure to fit into your schedule like a glove.

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Pete’s Pest Patrol offers competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our services. We believe that everyone deserves a pest-free environment without breaking the bank.

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