You decide to protect your family and your household safe, healthy, and clear of any possible threats that pests can cause to your family when you hire the best pest control company. Here at Pete’s Pest Patrol, we prepared for you a complete guide about pest control services and how they can give you the safety you desire.



Here are five popular pest control services offered by professional pest control companies you may want to take note of:

Termite Control

Termites are sneaky pests that quickly infest your house or place of business. Termite invasions are common in tropical settings. The soil-applied barrier solution is used most frequently to combat termite infestations. Termiticides must be appropriately labeled for barrier therapies if they are to be utilized. 

Only a qualified pest management specialist is capable of applying termiticides correctly. Among the approved treatments are: 

  • Liquid termiticides are put into the soil. 
  • Bait for termites. 
  • Termiticide-impregnated building materials. 
  • Wood treatments.

If carried out incorrectly, these treatments will not prevent termites and may contaminate the house and nearby drinking water wells. To take the necessary measures, it is vital to work with a qualified and experienced pest management specialist.


Removal of cockroaches  

A relatively typical pest issue is a cockroach infestation, particularly in commercial buildings like restaurants, hospitals, and healthcare institutions. The most effective way to manage cockroaches is by combining different methods:

  • Since roaches live in areas with easy access to food, moisture, and shelter, maintaining cleanliness is crucial for problem prevention and solution.
  • Unwashed dishes, cutlery, and pet food shouldn’t be left out overnight, and spills and kitchen wastes should be cleared away.
  • Food that is in loose form should be preserved in proper containers.
  • The collection of trash must be prevented, and piles of paper bags, cartons, and newspapers must be thrown away or placed in sealed plastic bags for storage.
  • Placing tight-fitting panels on windows and sweeps underneath doors will prevent outdoor pests like wood cockroaches from accessing facilities.


Rat and rodent removal

Due to their capacity as carriers of numerous diseases, rats and other rodents offer a severe threat to the health of both domestic animals and people. Treatment and prevention options include:

  • Using poison or traps to get rid of rats won’t prevent them from returning to your house in the future. 
  • You must block access by closing all potential entry points if you want to permanently eliminate nasty pests like rats and mice out of your house or place of business.
  • By storing food in firmly sealed containers and fixing broken pipes, you may reduce rodent temptations like food and water.
  • Compost piles should be far away from buildings as you can, and grass should only be two inches tall. 
  • Prevent a bird feeder since it gives rodents access to food. 
  • Keep outdoor cooking surfaces and grills spotless. 


Mosquito Control

Best pest control companies use various techniques to stop and manage mosquitoes that spread diseases, including West Nile, dengue, and several others. Among these methods are the following:

  • Monitor mosquito populations – to limit mosquitoes before people start getting sick, experts and local governments use mosquito monitoring to determine when, where, and how to do so.
  • Eliminate Mosquito Egg Laying Sites – Because mosquito larvae require water to live, they lay their eggs on or near bodies of water. Experts and people can eliminate residual moisture to lessen mosquito larvae before they become flying adult mosquitoes. 
  • Larvae and pupae control – One method for controlling larvae is to dispose of or remove any standing water near your home. A larvicide can be used to eliminate larvae in stagnant water that cannot be emptied or drained.
  • Get rid of adult mosquitoes – Professionals may choose to utilize adulticides to exterminate adult mosquitoes if surveillance activities reveal that adult mosquito populations are growing or transmitting viruses.


Ant Control

The most challenging pest control task you will ever encounter is managing ants. This is partly caused by the considerable complexity of where the nest is placed and the vast number of individuals in colonies. Here are a few methods of eliminating these pests:

  • Baits – Baits kill large numbers of ants, but no remains are left behind. Boost your ant knowledge and, in most situations, apply a combination of strategies to target their delicate stages for reliable outcomes.
  • Colony Elimination – Ants cannot eat solids since they are liquid consumers. They will bring solid granule bait back to the colony to feed the growing larvae if you provide it to them. Although this procedure takes some time, the territory is destroyed, and its capacity to thrive and grow can be wiped out completely.
  • Barrier Treatment – To control ants, use a suitable residual barrier solution. By doing this, the noticeable ant infestation is quickly brought under control. Customers are happy, and there are no ants visible. Thus the outcome is fantastic.



For several reasons, pest management is required in your residence and outside your property. Here are a few of them:


Pests may harm your possessions and real estate.

Your property and possessions are at risk from various sorts of pest infestations in different ways. Each year, termites alone cost American property owners five billion dollars in damages. In addition, an infestation of rodents may harm your home’s electrical wiring and contaminate the insulation. 

To guarantee the safety and authenticity of your property, home, and possessions, it is essential to obtain professional pest control services from the best pest control company, regardless of the variety of pest infestations your family is experiencing.


It isn’t always sufficient to use a do-it-yourself approach to pest control.

Consumers can freely choose from a wide variety of solutions that make the bold claim that they can eradicate pest infestations from their homes. Unfortunately, although these solutions may seem beneficial, they won’t completely eliminate your pest issue.

This is why it’s so important to rely on professional pest control services, as your treatment technician will go even further to identify and get rid of the bug’s origins.


You and your family may have health difficulties due to pest infestations.

Public health professionals claim that effective pest control contributes to the overall hygienic standard of living Americans receive daily. This is typically due to the transmission of disease by infesting pests would be much more evident in the absence of expert pest control services.


Pest control services contribute to a stress-free setting in the home.

Being at ease in a house where pests are an ongoing problem is complex. However, your family can live in a stress-free and pest-free setting when you depend on professional pest control services to handle your infestation.



Here are a few consequences that you will not want to happen if you don’t call on the experts:

You can put your health at risk by using pesticides for pest control.

Just on the internet, there are numerous resources for DIY pest control. However, not all information found online is reliable. Pest management is a knowledge-based profession for a reason, which means exterminators deal with potentially harmful substances. And these chemicals should not be handled by anyone who has only read information online without receiving sufficient training.


Don’t guarantee maximal efficiency. 

The DIY exterminating products on the market aren’t all that horrible. In reality, the majority of them work. If you only need to deal with a small infestation, DIY may be a good option. If you caught the pests early on, go ahead and use DIY solutions to save money. A more practical remedy is required if your home is host to a large colony. Experts in pest management have undoubtedly dealt with pests more frequently than you have.


Poor accuracy in identifying the infestation’s origins 

Finding the source is crucial to stop the pests from reproducing in the first place. Professionals in pest control can complete the task for you and assist you in getting rid of anything that can result in further infestations. Nests, insect eggs, soil, pet food, trash, and many other things may fall under this category.


Cost you time and effort

 The ability to save time and effort is one benefit of pest control. This is especially crucial because the infestation could spread faster than you anticipate. Therefore, it’s vital to constantly remind oneself that there are only a limited number of DIY experiments you may try and fail at.

Say no more to overrated pest infestation and yes to a pest-free home. To schedule and arrange an appointment with our team of diligent and committed experts trying to make a better, healthier, and more sustainable environment for you and your loved ones, call Pete’s Pest Patrol right away.